Tuesday, August 27, 2013

WERK. | 8-21-13

I'm a little slow on updating, but I'm still working on getting adjusted with school. This post features the striped jumper that was sent to me last month by Go Jane and I decided to pair it with my rather blunt 'Cunt' tee from O-Mighty. My good friend Tim Williams decided to take pictures with me and of course, our outfits just happened to mesh well.

1. Striped Jumper - Go Jane
2. 'Cunt' Tee Shirt - O-Mighty
3. Spiked Cap Toe Heels - Miss KL
4. White Cat Eye Shades - Wholesale Celeb Shades

1. New York Yankees Jersey - Thrift
2. White Pants
3. White Reeboks
4. White Bandana - Thrift


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