Saturday, December 31, 2011

Everyone Loves A Little Floral Print.

(thrifted floral print blouse, thrifted khaki shorts, charlotte russe boots)

HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE! I hope all of you are bringing in the new year safely :)


the skinny butterfly.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fashion Icon Of The Day.

When it comes to fashion, I don't have many celebrities that I see as my inspiration, seeing that I feel as if they're all wearing the same thing. But when it comes down to it, Rihanna sticks out the most to me. She's always changing up her style and it ALWAYS fits her. Plus she's can't argue with that.

If you haven't by now, I'd advised that you check out her album 'Talk That Talk'. It is ahmazinngg.


the skinny butterfly.

Black Lipstick Always Sets The Mood.

I absolutely love going through my mother's closet to see what I can find. There are so many vintage items in there and also so many things that I can create stuff with. I snagged her black and white pinstriped shirt and decided that a black lip would go perfectly with it, along with a bowtie.

(borrowed black and white pinstriped shirt, men's store red bowtie, thrifted khaki pants, and charlotte russe combat boots)

My mom thinks the black lipstick makes me look creepy. I would have to disagree. I think it makes me look mysterious if anything ;)


the skinny butterfly.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Thrift Store Finds.

Thrift shopping - the best thing to ever hit the fashion world. It's amazing how much you can get without spending so much money. I managed to buy three pieces for under $20.

Floral Print Blouse - $2.50

Navy Pinstriped Blazer - $3.00

Gold Striped Blouse - $3.00

If you've never thrift shopped, I highly advise that you go! You'll always find unique pieces and most of all, you'll be the only person wearing them! Happy thrifting!


the skinny butterfly.

American Warriors.

I've always been into DIY projects or recreating expensive things I've seen on the runways ( is a wonderful website by the way.) My older sister, Ashley, brought the idea to me of making American Flag inspired shorts. It was simple and only called for hot glue and the fabric bought from a local art store. The finished product was very clean. By the way, she'll be making a lot of appearances here and now. For more of her, you can always follow her on Twitter @helloKIDDY .

My outfit (rugged wear house pea green blouse, body central cheetah fur vest, black tights, charlotte russe combat boots. diy american flag shorts)

Ashley's outfit (claire's fur vest, diy american flag shorts, jeffrey campbell litas, biker gloves)

We can both be a little flashy at times.


the skinny butterfly.

First Things First.

Introductions aren't always my thing, but I do know that they are essential for strangers to get to know you. So, beautiful strangers, I'll make this quick, simple, and interesting.

For starters, my name is Taylor, but I consider my signature name to be Taylor Dane (hopefully one day this name will be among other famous stylists.) I was born and raised in the most lack luster town of North Carolina, called Greenville (sounds horrible, right?) In this town, I have lived with eight people under one roof. Eight different personalities, eight different inspirations.

My love for fashion began in middle school, a time when most kids my age really could care less what was "in" or what a "Vogue Magazine" was. My style started off as simple, but I would always add something wild to my outfit that I knew would bring attention to it. Back then, I was more into having my outfits attract attention, simply because I loved to hear people's opinions on my style, more positive than negative. I wasn't too fond of the negative comments, seeing that in middle school I had low self esteem and any bad comment could make me cry in a matter of seconds. My confidence soon came in the form of finding myself a year later. Entering high school had to be the best thing to happen to me.

Now, I'm simply dressing for myself. I'm dressing in what I like to wear and not what others want to see me in. I don't have a favorite designer because I gain inspiration from what I see on the streets, whether it be here in North Carolina or the fashion driven streets of New York City. Yes, I get the weird looks when I go out, but it doesn't bother me as much as it used to. Now that I'm a Senior in high school, I can truly say that I've evolved into an eccentric, original person.

Just call me the Skinny Butterfly. That less confident skin I once had has now shed from this tiny body.