Wednesday, December 28, 2011

American Warriors.

I've always been into DIY projects or recreating expensive things I've seen on the runways ( is a wonderful website by the way.) My older sister, Ashley, brought the idea to me of making American Flag inspired shorts. It was simple and only called for hot glue and the fabric bought from a local art store. The finished product was very clean. By the way, she'll be making a lot of appearances here and now. For more of her, you can always follow her on Twitter @helloKIDDY .

My outfit (rugged wear house pea green blouse, body central cheetah fur vest, black tights, charlotte russe combat boots. diy american flag shorts)

Ashley's outfit (claire's fur vest, diy american flag shorts, jeffrey campbell litas, biker gloves)

We can both be a little flashy at times.


the skinny butterfly.

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