Tuesday, December 15, 2015


The older I get, the more I realize that it is extremely essential to spend more time with myself. To be able to be surrounded by my own thoughts, do my own thing, and go my own path is a gift in itself. Usually I spend my days off from work in bed, eating a bowl of ice cream and watching The Office all day, but today I wanted to get out today since the weather was so nice (70 degrees in December...global warming much?) 

I decided to go downtown and shoot some photos, move outside of my comfort zone of just shooting on campus. I took in the weather, took some photos, and ended my day eating at my favorite Mexican food spot, Torreros. 

I love playing with shades of pink, by the way <3

(Sheer Jacket - Nasty Gal, Skirt - Forever 21, Top - Choies, Shoes - Forever 21)


the skinny fashionista

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  1. Cute blouse and nice skirt :)
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    Maria V.