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With this interview, I bring you guys music – something I haven’t quite done here at The Skinny Fashionista. Artist and producer, Stacey Greene Jr., is a personal friend of mine and he is definitely a force to be reckoned with. I know you’re probably asking, ‘What does music have to do with this fashion blog?”. Well, although I don’t speak on it often, music is a major part of my life and it also goes hand in hand with fashion. Certain genres of music can set the mood for an outfit and even set a theme for a collection. Music is played on all runways, ranging from dark beats to pop vocals. With that said, today I bring you DJ King Tut.

After sharing a phone conversation with Stacey, I learned that his music and beats sprout from his strong intellect, his powerhouse family, and having a pharaoh mentality. Stacey, also known as ‘DJ King Tut’ has adopted the tern ‘New Age’, which to him means thinking on a whole new level and wave. His music has a dark feel, but also shares a brightness that can captivate all listeners. He looks within for inspiration, finding that his mind is the home for his musical craft. There’s no doubt about it that he’s trying to build an empire, seeing that he also has other artists under ‘New Age’, such as ‘Sir Lampkin’ who is a rapper/photographer, another rapper who goes by the name of ‘Geez’, and a soulful singer named ‘A.Y.O. The Humble’.

Fashion also plays a part in DJ King Tut’s life. He is attached to Egyptian culture, admiring accessories such as white gold and colors like black, silver, yellow, and red. He sees himself as being a pharaoh, which would be a boss in this day and time. He also believes in mental fighting, something like enlightenment in a sense and I’d have to say myself that he has a very, interesting enlightened personality. Without further ado, here is the interview I was pleased to do with Stacey.

Taylor: First off, let’s start with introductions. Tell the readers who you are, where you’re from, your dreams/aspirations, pretty much anything. Make it as random as possible if you want.

Stacey: My name is Stacey Andrew Greene Jr. I go by the name Djkingtut. I'm from Greensboro, NC, but I was born in Durham.  I want to one day be a music icon not only in rap, but all genres, and I also want to own my own label and discover talent. I also want to possibly become an actor or an executive producer. I come from a very strong centered family that has given me a lot of wisdom and enlightenment that most people wouldn't receive. It has made me open minded, and just different.

T: I see that you’ve coined the term ‘New Age’ as the basis of your music. Explain what the ‘New Age’ means to you and why you’ve decided to use that term.

S: New Age to me is a movement; it's a mind frame of a new generation, it's a push for real music that feeds the soul in different ways. I coined the name New Age because I feel like my style of music and my outlook on music is totally different than anything you will hear. I come from a background where music has been presented to me all my life, but when I heard it in my head it meant something different to me. When me and my friends are together and hear music our heads nod at different paces because sometimes I just hear things in a different sense. I basically chose New Age because I feel like our generation is so different and our style of music will change how music is looked at in my own opinion.

T: What do you think sets your music apart from other artists? Do you believe that you can start a music revolution?

S: My music is set apart from others because I don't try or follow anyone's guidelines, I just follow my heart. I follow my soul because I feel like I'm blessed musically and yes I do feel like I can start a music revolution because I refuse to be like any other artist and I want fans that really get into the New Age movement.

T: For those that have never listened to your music, could you give a brief description of it? (Things that would interest someone to want and go listen).

S: My music to me is a mix between Soul, Hip Hop, Blues and church music, and that is just the instruments and certain things I use with a hint of dub step and New Age sounds.

T: How did you come up with the name DJ King Tut? Is there a meaning behind it?

S: I came up with name Djkingtut because I felt like I was young guy who would eventually rise to power and the name just gravitated to me. I also felt like it fit because I feel like I have royal blood from the sense of my family and how successful so many are and the knowledge they handed down to me.

T: From what do you draw your inspiration from? Have other artists inspired you to do what you do?

S: I get my inspiration from within; I don't go far looking for inspiration. I pay attention to all kinds of music but at the end of the day I inspire myself, that's why I'm so different. I'm not trying to be like anyone else. Not really any artist in particular has inspired me, if anything music in general has.

T: Are there other people involved in your movement? If so, what do they do and what makes them special to your music projects?

S: Yes, New Age has three other artists. One’s name ‘Sir Lampkin’ who raps, sings, and takes photos. He has a production called ‘Sleep’ for his photos. Another artist goes by the name of ‘Geez’, who is just one of the nicest rappers I have heard with word play and swag. The last artist is ‘A.Y.O the Humble’ and he is a singer / rapper with a soulful voice and a different swag. It's like R&B and Rap at the same time.

T: Where can you see yourself five years from now in relation with music? Do you wish to build an empire?

S: I see myself doing shows across the country with a fan base that's loyal and knows how to have an old fashion, good concert, like a concert when the feeling of it is when everyone is jumping up and down together, like a spirit in the room and everyone's feeling it. I will start an empire, no question about it.

T: Personally, what do you like to listen to? What is your favorite genre of music? What is your go to album or song this summer?

S: I personally like to listen to everything. I usually get in the car and press buttons and listen to anything that comes on; it’s something to learn from all music. My go to album this summer is no album, but I have taken a look at some albums this summer and like Kanye West’s the best. It's so inventive and new.

T: Since being in college, has it helped you expand your knowledge of music? Has it helped you promote your music? Do you have an established fan base or group of supporters?

S: Yes, college has expanded my mind, but not musically really. It just gives you more things to talk about to be honest and more experiences. It really hasn't done anything as far as promoting I don't think.

T: Where should people go to check out more of your music?

S: People should go check out my music at, follow me on Twitter and Instagram at: x0__ox . I also have a beat tape out on Datpiff, just search newage, all one word.

You can check out Dj King Tut's two newest singles, "BVCK$EATCHILLIN' and '$WAGONKILL' below:

You can check out more of his music here:


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