Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Here I am, back with another overdue update (sorry for the lateness, I sincerely apologize), but I have some wonderful photos and moments to share with you from my recent trip to New York City! I can't even explain how excited I was to visit for the first time, seeing that I always dreamed about visiting New York ever since I was a child -- it was literally a dream come true. I ventured to the Big Apple with a couple of friends and we decided to stay in New Jersey to save money and just commute back and forth the to the city. 

Upon arriving in Jersey and seeing the New York skyline, I instantly became emotional and couldn't believe I was finally near the one place that always invaded my dreams and thoughts. The weather was perfect just about all five days that we were there (except for some slight rain, but I didn't mind it at all), and we visited just about every part of New York during our stay, from Manhattan to Soho to Harlem and beyond. Being from a small town, the fast paced movement kind of threw me off, but I quickly adjusted and had the time of my life. New York is truly how it seems in the movies.

Here's a few photos from the trip, from what I wore to where I visited:

(In Chelsea, New York, right down the street from the Fashion Institute of Techonology. Wearing Charlotte Russe wedges, 'Adventure Time' dress, and Romwe leather jacket)

(Walking through Times Square)

(Waiting for the Path train from Jersey to the city. Wearing two piece outfit from Choies and heels from Shoe Dazzle)

(In front of Stussy store in Soho, NY. Wearing thrifted baseball jersey, leather shorts from Knee Deep Denim, thrifted crop top, and Nike Dunks)

(Somewhere in Union Square wearing a Romwe leather jacket, skirt from Nasty Gal, thrifted boots, and crop top from Forever 21)

(Photo Op in Chinatown wearing a crop top from Forever 21, knitted leggings from Forever 21, Sk8 Hi Vans from Zumiez, and an Obey hat)

(Sixth Ave and West 32nd street sign)

If everything works out for me, I will be transferring schools in January to FIT and moving on to live my life in New York, Also, I will hopefully be visiting New York again in September to volunteer for Fashion Week! Wish me luck!


the skinny fashionista.