Monday, January 27, 2014

90'S BABE | 12-14-13

My updates have been uber slow lately because low and behold, school has started again (such a drag, I swear) . So this post is really behind -- literally before the new year, back in December. I'm basically trying to post in bulk so I can catch myself up with the current dates. A lot has been going on so far since the new year has started, for instance, I turned the big twenty! I didn't make nor have I made any New Year's Resolutions (is it too late for that?) and I don't think I really plan to -- I just try to live my life freely.

1. GAP Shirt - Thrift
2. Tommy Hilfiger Button Up - Thrift
3. Baggy Jeans - Thrift
3. Vintage White AF1's - Plato's Closet


the skinny fashionista

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  1. This so trendy, I love it. I def need to go thrifting more..

    RLWxo : )