Sunday, June 2, 2013


So over the weekend, I decided to open up my own online thrift shop. It features some of my pre owned items that have been gently used and I thought it would be a good way for some of you to own some of my items and for me to make money. I'm taking uni classes right now for the summer and I'm trying to have some side hustles [well, I just got a job at a flower shop, but I haven't been paid yet, so that's coming along...] , but I would love to make some extra money. Right now, I have a small account so I can only feature about five items, but when those sell out I will put up more. Here are some of the items featured in the shop:

You can check out the shop here:

Happy thrifting!

the skinny fashionista


  1. Cute pieces! I am thinking of opening one too. Was it hard? Stylish sana of

  2. It's too bad you don't ship to Colombia :'(