Friday, March 22, 2013

I BEEN ON | 3-19-13

I usually say that all of my outfits are my favorite, but I think I now have a REAL favorite. I literally just threw this outfit together in a matter of minutes because I was rushing to class, but I couldn't but to notice how well it went together. It also has a Rihanna feel to it, so of course that was a plus for me! Featured in this post is my boyfriend, Blair (the man behind the camera) and my best friend, Chinedu.

(Nasty Gal Wild Faux Fur Coat, Nasty Gal; High Waist Jeans, Go Jane; American Flag Booties; Crop Top, ASOS; Snapback)


the skinny fashionista.


  1. great pictures!! Love your style girl and great shoes... Would you like to follow each other? I allways follow back :)

  2. I saw your interview on 6 pins in a shoe blog and I really love your style. It's so fresh and edgy. You actually look like Rihanna too in some of your photos.

    I'm following your blog via gfc and I hope you could check out my blog too. Thanks, see you around and goodluck in your studies. :))

  3. love all dat swag style :D

    shal we follow each other?

  4. Love Love Love the pants,Top and Rock it