Thursday, June 14, 2012

PROM! | 5-5-12

Prom night is one of those exciting nights that almost every high school girl is anxious for. It's a night when you get to get all dolled up, put on an extravagant dance, and dance the night away. I might sound a little corny right now, but trust me, prom has some sentimental meaning to me. I remember way back in the 9th grade, I used to talk about how lame prom was and how I would never waste my time on it. That was when I didn't see the point in putting on makeup and getting all dressed up. This year, I decided that I had to go. And what made things better was that instead of taking a guy with me (trust me, there are no guys in my town worth it) I decided to go with my older sister. We turned heads at prom and although those shoes weren't the easiest to dance in, we had fun. <3

(Metallic Blue Dress, American Apparel; Anti Gravity Shoes, Nasty Gal; Tuxedo, Men's Wear House; Bowtie, EBAY)




  1. you look amazing! Wish I had been as fearless as you in HS!

    XO Sahra

  2. YOU GUYS LOOK STUNNING!!! you don't even understand lool I LOVE the shoes (especially)