Wednesday, December 28, 2011

First Things First.

Introductions aren't always my thing, but I do know that they are essential for strangers to get to know you. So, beautiful strangers, I'll make this quick, simple, and interesting.

For starters, my name is Taylor, but I consider my signature name to be Taylor Dane (hopefully one day this name will be among other famous stylists.) I was born and raised in the most lack luster town of North Carolina, called Greenville (sounds horrible, right?) In this town, I have lived with eight people under one roof. Eight different personalities, eight different inspirations.

My love for fashion began in middle school, a time when most kids my age really could care less what was "in" or what a "Vogue Magazine" was. My style started off as simple, but I would always add something wild to my outfit that I knew would bring attention to it. Back then, I was more into having my outfits attract attention, simply because I loved to hear people's opinions on my style, more positive than negative. I wasn't too fond of the negative comments, seeing that in middle school I had low self esteem and any bad comment could make me cry in a matter of seconds. My confidence soon came in the form of finding myself a year later. Entering high school had to be the best thing to happen to me.

Now, I'm simply dressing for myself. I'm dressing in what I like to wear and not what others want to see me in. I don't have a favorite designer because I gain inspiration from what I see on the streets, whether it be here in North Carolina or the fashion driven streets of New York City. Yes, I get the weird looks when I go out, but it doesn't bother me as much as it used to. Now that I'm a Senior in high school, I can truly say that I've evolved into an eccentric, original person.

Just call me the Skinny Butterfly. That less confident skin I once had has now shed from this tiny body.

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