Friday, December 11, 2015


So, obviously, it's been years since I've updated (not literally, but it's been forever). School does this thing sometimes where it takes over my life to the point where I'm so drained at the end of the day and the last thing on my mind is blogging and I can truthfully say that I've missed it. So much has happened since my last update (which was, uh, in August -__-), but majority of it has been positive things. I interned in New York for Tracy Reese during Fashion Week (which I must add was the greatest experience of my life) and I've been trying to master the art of sewing (which I must admit that I am very bad at but I honestly take off my hat to all of the fashion designers out there because if I prick my finger with one more needle, I swear I'm going to scream!)

But guess what? School is out for Winter Break and I am totally dedicating myself to updating at least three times a week if not more AND I am setting a goal for myself right now to continue blogging even when school starts back up because I miss it so much. I miss the positive feedback, reading other blogs, collaborating with online shops, and reviewing products. So with all of that said, here's my first post back. I've wanted to start playing with the color pink a lot lately.

(Blazer - Thrift Store, Pink Bralet - Forever 21, Leather Leggings - Choies, Heels - Forever 21)


the skinny fashionista


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